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haslet n : heart and liver and other edible viscera especially of hogs; usually chopped and formed into a loaf and braised

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From hastelet, from hastelet, the diminutive of haste.


  1. the internal organs of an animal, especially the heart and liver of a pig
  2. a meatloaf made of that (and seasoning)

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Haslet (pronounced 'Hacelet', though sometimes 'hazlet' in areas outside Lincolnshire) is a herbed pork meatloaf, originally from Lincolnshire in England. It is typically made of stale white bread, pork (traditionally the entrails), sage, salt and pepper, and sometimes onion. At least one butcher in Lincolnshire produces a gluten-free haslet.
In parts of the South the inner organs of a pig e.g., heart, kidney, liver,lungs, etc are called Haslet, or haslet hash.
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